The honeymoon phase will end.

It’s been two months since I married the person I consider to be my dream partner. While I acknowledge that I am currently still in the honeymoon phase, and realistically, perhaps it will fade with time, the romantic in me would like to think that we’ll always have pockets of happiness in-between the monotony that is life.

I guess it also helps that I’m not just a romantic; I am also an eternal optimist and I like to emit positivity and good vibes to everyone. I’m not a naive twenty-something that seems to think marriage, life or relationships are a bed of roses. But throwing people down amid their blissful moments is downright unnecessary.

Surprisingly, I haven’t been asked all too often, ‘When are you having kids?’. Instead I’ve been faced with people that are married or have been married for a long time giving me negative feedback about marriage. While I do acknowledge the years of wisdom behind your sentiments, my marriage, my life, my husband, is not the same as yours and I’d much prefer to look at the rare exception I find, of couples that are still in love and its visible after many, many years.

Negative feedback, uncalled-for comments and people with more problems than solutions are not welcome in my life.

I was married for a week when someone told me, “Wait till you’re married for a year then he’s gonna say, ‘Bitch, where’s my supper?’’. Just yesterday, I overheard a man ask a woman, “How long have you been married for?”. Beaming, she responded, “Ten years”. And his response? “Come back to me after 15 years, it all goes downhill from there.” I’ve also had my fair share of bitter divorcees telling me off about marriage. How does the deflection help me or anyone else?


  1. hi. nice article. I got married for over 2 years, and my new baby is 9 months now, i dont think marriage is so negative as many people said. it depends on how we live the life how we communicate each other. thanks. I am cynthia from red parts, just invited you via your skype, nice t o read your article.


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