Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10 Steps to the perfect ‘selfie’

Selfies are the big craze. My Facebook news feed, my instagram, heck even my Twitter updates are filled with them! Personally, I am not a fan but since I have to see them pop up everywhere, I'd prefer if they were, well - less tacky, and at least flattering.

So *cringe* here are some handy tips so you can be ready for your photo op.

1. Put your best pout forward. Soft, smooth lips are your friend. There’s nothing worse than cracked, worse-for-wear lips, than cracked lips up close and personal!
2. Don’t include the bathroom mirror. In fact, don’t do it in the bathroom. It’s overdone and tacky. Nobody wants to see your dirty toilet in the background.
3. If you’re going to get all experimental using PhotoShop, do it properly. We’re PhotoShop Nazis these days. We can see if you botch it up!
4. Pic perfection is key, since you’re so close to the camera and every flaw is highlighted. So foundation, base, primer and concealer are your friends.
5. Filter. Filter. Filter. They exist for a reason. Think you got a great shot? Now insert a filter. Voila! You’ve instantly made it better.
6. Light is your friend. Step outside before you take that snap. Nothing works better than some natural lighting.
7. Add volume to your hair. Images are flat, so photos tend to flatten the way you look. Not only will an up-do instantly transforms your face, it’ll make you look more appealing on camera.
8. Why diet, when the camera can trim you down? Simply hold your phone high above your head – you’ll look slimmer from this angle. (This also helps when you wanna take a selfie with many friends!)
9. Hold steady. You don’t want to look perfect only for the selfie to be a blurry mess because you moved. Breathe, pout and hold steady . . . and there you go! Perfect selfie.
10. Have fun! This is all about the fun. Do serious selfies even exist? The whole point is to look good, feel good and have fun. So go ahead – strike a pose.

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