I confess, I am beautiful...

Does that seem profound to you? That I would openly say that I consider myself beautiful?

Well… I figure, if I am really going to celebrate my beauty and believe that I am beautiful, then I will need to utter the words aloud, or in this case, put it to a blog for the world to see.

So often, we allow our beauty to be determined through the eyes of others. We are guilty of constantly seeking approval through compliments, mutual crushes, a glance from a handsome stranger across the room or a nod of approval from our mother or aunt.

Why is our definition of our outer beauty so dependent on the varied perceptions of others? Isn’t it more realistic and reliable to focus on the parts we like most and to compliment ourselves on a daily basis?

Perhaps the most important reason for the approval of others and the self-effacing attitude we have stems from our inability to love our outer selves in the sheer avoidance of seeming vane or narcissistic.

With a culture that breeds self-criticism and wholly dismisses self-approval and self-appraisal it is even more vital for us to encourage one another to love ourselves. And that love should extend beyond inner reflection toward the love of one’s physical self.

Because the constant need for approval and appraisal from others is one that cannot be continually fed; in fact, when this notorious appeal for acceptance by others for approval of our beauty is so dependent on our own perceptions of our beauty we are bound to crash and burn without it. Or worse yet, seek it in places where it should never be found; through seeking compliments and one night stands to reaffirm our beauty, to reaffirm our status as beautiful women capable of luring men or women our way.

Self-love is the way to happiness. Perhaps it’s too profound at this point for many to conjure, but seeking love and attention and affirmation is a false attachment with a delivery that can never be promised.


  1. of course you are beautiful . it is truth.nice to know you. I cynthia. thanks.


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