What does your brew say about you?

Do you like it strong, sweet or milky? Do you experiment with various blends and drinks or do you stick to the same order every time you head out for a cuppa?

Well, your taste in coffee could also give you a taste for the type of person that you are, so – what does your coffee say about you – are you the life of a party or laid-back?

1. Cappuccino
You’ve got a big heart, but you can be oblivious at times. That’s probably why one of your many friends might be tasked with gently reminding you to wipe the foam off your upper lip!

2. Latte
You’re reflective, yet indecisive. Lattes are a safe pick for you.

3. Espresso
You’re friendly and adaptive. You truly like the taste of coffee. People perceive that you are clever and successful, or annoying, or both.

4. Double Espresso
You’re practical and you’re a hard worker: One shot just won’t cut it.

5. Triple Espresso
You’re overly enthusiastic and a bit obsessive! You’ve been awake since the early 90’s!

6. Mocha
You’re creative. You hate the taste of coffee, but... like other coffee drinkers, you need the caffeine boost... so you improvise because you’re creative!

7. Macchiato
You’re traditional and reserved. You don’t have time for the foam layer. Some people consider you arrogant.

8. Americano
You’re calm and conscientious. You enjoy the simple things in life, that’s why you love a simple espresso and water.

9. Frappuccino
You’re happy and energetic. You may say you love coffee, but you really just love the ice cream!

10. Iced Coffee
You’re assertive and outspoken. You don’t let seasons dictate your life, so you’ll grab the iced coffee in the heart of winter.

11. Coffee-to-go
You don’t waste time! You’re serious and focused; so – when the going gets tough, the gets cardboard sleeves ‘cos the cup is too hot!

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