Why I write...

I am a very expressive person. All forms of communication interest me. As I love to talk; I love to write. I am not shy to have an opinion on things or to make my point of view known. I have often been told that I am a positive influence and a good communicator. Writing is a brilliant means of using these strengths to make a difference in the little world that surrounds me.

Surprisingly, while the words flow with ease whilst speaking, putting pen to paper makes me exceptionally anxious. Writing... it's really like drawing blood and having it drip on paper. There's a quote about that. But. I. Try...

I write to let go of the emotions I feel, to embrace how I feel, to retell what I feel, and to later analyse how I feel. I often don’t know exactly what I feel or how until I verbalise it or write it. Words are very important to me. Words are powerful and can be used in so many ways. If I can use it to influence, empower or motivate others then I feel that that would be my gift to humanity; whilst living, and after my passing. Writing is immortal; it lasts forever. And what writers have to say, are there forever.

In a sense, I would like to live on in my words. Actions can be remembered, but words are literally always there. No person can craft a sentence or a story exactly like anyone else. Words that have been thread together are like peoples ‘fingerprints’ on the world. And I’d like to use my fingerprint positively to combat social norms that are crippling to the voiceless; particularly, women and children. I’d like to address dominant societal views that perpetuate patriarchal norms and values that in many ways stifle women from living a full life.

Inspired by Enid Blyton as a little girl, I always felt I could escape into the fantasy world of adventures that her books took me to. Growing up, I often felt odd or out of place. I soon found that books, never shut you out. Many fairy tales insinuate patriarchal notions of women as the dependents and men as the saviours. This is why I would love to write books that challenge this hegemony. I would like to write the type of books that I would read or that I would love my future child to read; books that celebrate diversity and differences, books that recognise beauty in various facets. A book that will make children and people feel accepted, empowered, enlightened, enthralled and motivated.

I write to hold onto memories, experiences and thoughts. I write to preserve them for later perusal. I write to understand myself and my feelings better. I write to people I care about because somehow I can never find the words to say. I write to carefully craft just exactly what I mean. I can only really write passionately when I am inspired. I write for me. I write to others. I write, simply because, it is a part of me.

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  1. You write so sweetly...yes, sweetly. I believe that good writers are those that can convey a message but exceptional writers are those that manage to shine out while they do it. Your words sound so sincere. Some words jump out and grab you but yours came out and hugged me...hugs are rare, so that's good.

    One more thing. Since you're opinionated yourself I have just one question:
    You mention that you want to challenge the hegemony of "women as the dependents and men as the saviours" but in the same breath you explain how you want to write books that celebrate diversity and differences and books that recognise beauty in various facets. Won't equating women to men kind of defeat that purpose?

    You see, I have found the best way to celebrate our different strengths and beauty we must find a way to understand that our strengths and beauty are truly in different faucets and happier are they who celebrate their beauty from where it comes and don't bother seeking beauty where it cannot and was not meant to be.

    Love the article. Awesome work!


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