Destiny Magazine

I recently completed a Social Science degree in Sociology, Media and Writing, and Gender Studies. As I am currently studying a Post-graduate diploma in Marketing I think I have learned enough to note perpetuations of dominant stereotypes and underlying discourse portraying women in one of a few stereotypical ways through the media industry.

An English Professor told me to avoid magazines in first year as it’s mostly a lot of the same thing, fashion, celebrities and so forth, but when I came across Destiny magazine while at ABSA Capital’s Pioneering Young Women Conference this July, I was amazed to see a magazine that is so uniquely inspirational, insightful, empowering, revolutionary and refreshing in its power to redefine femininity through new and varied notions of being a woman whether that be in a social, political or economic sphere whilst maintaining a Proudly South African approach.

In the June 2011 edition I noted stories varying from power couples, women’s success with the help of inspirational fathers, as well as leadership tactics. Perpetuating women as diverse and ever-capable change-agents in every sphere is truly essential in promoting excellence for South African women as I have found that many, many women fail to see the excellence within, particularly within a South African context. So I feel that this magazine is a must-subscribe for all women who want to and can change their lives one day at a time so as to propel themselves and other women to believe in themselves, their abilities, their talents and their unique ways of being. I have also found that often many events can empower me to change myself, but that this feeling sometimes fades. This magazine would be a monthly reminder of all that I am capable of, and all that we as women are capable of in changing South Africa. Truly liberating and visionary, thank you.


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