A death threat and a ransom wanted

Yes, I have managed to be a part of another bizarre event after the scandalous snake incident.

A week and a half ago I got a call at 1am... a private number which I easily rejected. Then again, another call... 'Hello' I say... and this is the response I receive: "We are outside watching you this very minute. If you don't deposit R200 000 within the next 2 hours we WILL kill you and your entire family".

Imagine hearing that? Well, yes, I was shocked, nervous, and honestly, I was crouching behind the couch while trying to look out of the window...

Yet, somehow, I managed to remain in some state of normalcy and decided to ask the most obvious questions: "Where are you?, Where am I? Who am I?" To which the idiot man could not respond to... and his threats just got more and more serious it seemed... Finally, he threatened to put his Boss on the phone... and she firmly says: "This is very serious. It's not a joke. If you do not deposit the money we are not afraid to kill you AND your family"... I then decided to hang up thinking they might trace my call or something...

You idiot scammers think I am just gonna give money away (that I do not have by the way) to some people that can't even tell me where I am located or who they are speaking to? You don't even know who I am! Also, that wasn't even my number!

And just to make it worse so as to stop you from really scamming some scared person, I kindly contacted SAPS who patrolled my house and took my case and gave me a case number. IF Vodacom actually provides service excellence like they say they do then they will be after you!


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