ABSA Capital Pioneering Young Women’s Conference

Pioneering, motivational, empowering, uniquely inspirational, luxurious, invaluable networks, insightful, revolutionary, refreshing, proudly South African, undeniably captivating and life-changing, a celebration of femininity – these are only some of the words that can describe the experience. It is well known that the best life experiences are the ones that take your breath away, the one’s that no description can justify; and that was exactly how the conference was. We were constantly amazed and in awe of the brilliance and perfection that stood before us, in terms of the event hosts, the guest speakers, the delegates, the Radisson Blu hotel and their staff, and the constant lessons we were learning about leadership, the business world and the economy, about others, but mostly, about ourselves, our strengths, and our power to change the world beyond what we ever imagined.

The conference centred on perpetuating us as ever-capable change-agents in every sphere so as to promote our excellence and personal leadership. Speaking as a delegate at the conference, I feel that I can speak on behalf of many of the ladies by saying that so often, we fail to see the power we have, the strength we have, and our unique talents and capabilities. ABSA Capital changed our lives forever; by believing in us, motivating us to make a difference in our lives, the lives of others, and to contribute positively to change in the world, the workplace, and the lives of those less-fortunate. From scenario-planning, managing perceptions, and leadership in personal terms, to discovering our key strengths, the conference inspired us to look beyond and above ourselves to contribute to the greater good.

I have also found that often many events can empower me to change myself, but that this feeling sometimes fades. However, this conference was pumped with impeccable brilliance and inspiration in every way with speakers such as SAfm Radio Personality - Siki Mgabadeli,Executive Chair of Peotona Group Holdings - Cheryl Carolus, Miss South Africa – Bokang Montjane, Human Strategist - Simon Hurry, ABSA Capital CEO – Stephen van Coller, Principal Partner at Identity Paertners - Sonja Sebatso, Managing Director of The Consultant Powerhouse - Vanessa Bluen, 5FM Radio Personality – Poppy Ntshongwana, Head of Goldman Sach’s South African office - Colin Coleman, Regional Director in Sub-Saharan Africa of CIMA - Samantha Louis, former CEO of McCarthy Motor Holdings - Brand Pretorius, Pygma Consulting’s Managing Director - Mandla Msimang, Director at the JSE - Leanne Parsons, CEO of Professional Impressions - Haydee Antezana, and award-winning entrepreneur - Mosa Moeketsi. With such truly liberating and visionary speakers, this feeling could never fade. The conference has promised to contribute to a significant life-change in the lives of all the delegates in some way or another.

As William Barclay states so well: “There are two great days in a person’s life. The day we are born, and the day we discover why”. ABSA Capital’s Pioneering Young Women’s Conference helped us to discover why; and that is that our talents are for the gain of the world and that we should lead people by inspiring them to lead themselves.


  1. Nice Faiza!! ***Changed our lives forever***

  2. Thanks Sameera, you're too sweet! I know hey; no words can justify the amazingness that we experienced :)


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