There's a cobra in my house!

In the middle of a conversation with my cousin in my bedroom, as we were about to leave my house to go to the mall, I saw a snake making a rather elaborate introduction! Yes, through my bedroom window I saw what looked like a snake of at least 1metre long! I thought I was imagining it, or exaggerating to myself as it was simply unbelievable! It was so hard to comprehend that a real snake was right outside my bedroom window. It was the sort of thing I expected to see in the movies! I shouldn’t really have been so shocked right? I mean, I do live in AFRICA!

I gasped and shrieked and pointed toward the snake for my cousin to look at it. We panicked and wondered what to do, who exactly to call? I hadn’t a clue. How does one handle a situation like this? Naturally, I turned to the experts: Facebook friends. I updated my Facebook status and googled a number for the SPCA, but it kept going to voicemail. Then we realized that my grandmother was at the back in the servants court and the snake was right by her entrance with the patio doors open! We called her and said that there were bees and that she shouldn’t leave her room (We didn’t want to shock her with the truth). We were panicking because she’s old and we needed to get her out, and fast. We managed to get her out at the other entrance. Then I decided it would be a good idea to probably contact ADT. Surely they get bizarre calls requiring assistance all the time? I didn’t know the number so I decided to press the panic button. Nothing happened. Then I decided to trip the alarm on purpose. Still nothing. Would you believe it? The electricity decided to cut out at the same time! Eventually we found the number and called ADT who were very speedy (and also very shocked at what they were hearing, ESPECIALLY when I described the snake!).

ADT called back to say that professionals were coming through to catch the snake. This is when I realized that the situation was actually serious. But still I had this uncomfortable feeling; I still thought I was exaggerating this occurrence to myself; that the professionals were going to come and laugh and say ‘oh, it’s nothing’.

We kept an eye on the snake constantly as we really didn’t want to lose the snake and find it later in one of our cupboards! The snake moved about, under my car, and to the yard towards the pool. We then rushed to secure all the windows in the sunroom and my parents’ bedroom as we really didn’t want the snake in the house. About a half hour later (very stressful to wait) the Kenilworth Nature Conservationists came through. We showed them a picture of the snake and they were shocked too. It was in fact a 2metre long cobra! Thank goodness we managed to remain calm and we contacted ADT.


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