Why integrate mobile marketing into your marketing campaign?

Good question. If you’ve got a good marketing campaign going, you might be wary of trying something new. However, in marketing, you should never get too comfortable: you’ve got to keep up with innovations to stay on top of your game.

There are numerous benefits when implementing mobile and SMS marketing into your marketing strategy:

o It’s an incredibly powerful personal mass media so you get to reach a wide customer base while interacting on a personal level.
o An increase in customers is likely to happen as SMS/ texting campaigns help to build brand loyalty.
o A geographically wider customer base as SMS’s and text messages can be sent across the globe.
o Marketing that is really mobile, i.e. consumers are contacted wherever they are.
o Personalized customer interaction as mobile marketing is a two-way communication avenue.
o Campaigns can be created and sent, e.g. sweepstakes, contests, coupons and exclusive offers.
o Because of its ability to facilitate two-way interaction, a higher response rate can be achieved.
o Because text messages can be resent, it can turn viral.
o Mobile marketing is relatively inexpensive; therefore, a higher ROI can be achieved.
o With all the advantages and the speed at which mobile marketing develops worldwide, there really is no reason to miss this marketing boat.

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