Mobile marketing for beginners: To send or not to send?

Mobile marketing is new to the digital marketing platform so you might be skeptical to try it out. However, mobile technology has the highest penetration rate globally. It’s worth testing as it has outstanding potential. With traditional mediums like billboards, marketers had to hope that the right customer passed by and noted the billboard. Mobile marketing doesn’t only reach the right consumers; it is also a lot cheaper than traditional marketing platforms and has a much higher penetration rate.

So to begin your mobile marketing experience here is a basic guide:

- Choose SMS marketing rather than Bluetooth marketing or phone calls. SMS’s are the most widely used feature for marketing through a mobile phone.
- Market to clients with smart phones, as well as clients with feature phones. In this way, use mobile marketing to attract people from various classes, and the right people too as they have opted in.
- Do some target market research; you need to know your audience so as to market to them effectively. The better you know your audience, the better your chances are at fulfilling their needs and achieving success.
- Because mobile marketing is quite different to other marketing strategies - use it in addition to other marketing strategies and not as a sales push. Mobile marketing rather, should be used to encourage participation and action; it’s about building a relationship.
- Ensure that there are gains for the recipient. E.g. Buy two pairs of shoes this weekend at shoestore.galore and get the third pair free upon showing this SMS.
- Employ mobile marketing to inform people about events, competitions, and breaking news.
- Encourage payments through mobile marketing: payments can be easily and directly made from mobile phones.
- To optimize your marketing campaign: integrate your mobile campaign with online and offline marketing.
- Test your initiatives from a technical, and a user perspective.

Mobile marketing is successfully used by marketers to generate brand awareness, initiate and maintain customer relationships, stimulate viral marketing, and produce tangible, measurable, contributions to a company's bottom line.


  1. Those are good information for neophyte mobile marketers to mull over! But I think the best thing you tipped here is the use of SMS instead of Bluetooth as the former far more reliable and safest. And surely, not everyone will trust to pair their device and receive multi-media messages with users they do not know.

    Roger Melody


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