10 SMS Marketing/ Texting Ideas

Chose the correct online medium? Yes, mobile!

Chosen your target audience? Yes, people on the move!

Now: The messy business of getting ideas. We know how hard it can be to come up with ideas… and how long it takes! So we have gone ahead and done the ‘dirty’ work for you. Here it goes:

1. Send SMS’s that are going to get a reaction from subscribers. E.g. Buy one dress this weekend at ‘little dress shop’ and get 50% OFF a second dress upon showing this text message.
2. With regard to the above, keep specials for SMS subscribers only, and mention these offers in email newsletters so people can subscribe to your mobile marketing campaigns as well.
3. Inform people about events, competitions, and breaking news via SMS – make them sign up to your text alerts if they don’t want to miss anything.
4. SMS customers when a new product is launched.
5. Send promotional coupons via text message to increase sales.
6. Send invite-only event invitations via SMS. These events need to be free; it will build relationships. It works particularly well if it’s charity-related.
7. Make it easy for payments to be made directly from mobile phones.
8. Send exciting tidbits via SMS, and refer subscribers to email newsletters for further information to get more people to open email newsletters.
9. Personalize text messages to enhance relationships.
10. Always include your contact information so the receiver knows who sent the message, and so they can contact you if they need to.

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