A woman’s guide to meet someone ONLINE

So you’re a bit shy but you want to get about… make friends, date, even get a boyfriend… but you are unable to pluck up the courage to introduce yourself to that person you’ve been eyeing for months…

Well, luckily for you there’s the online world… the world of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which open up various opportunities for meeting new people and engaging with people you have met, but haven’t had the courage to take things further with.

Social networks are helpful with getting linked with like-minded individuals. This can prove to be helpful… since you may not be comfortable walking up to the hottie you’ve been eyeing… you may be more comfortable checking him up on Facebook… many eliminations can be made at this early stage… perhaps you don’t fancy the way he dresses, or the places he chooses to hang out… therefore social networking can save you lots of time and effort (think: dates that prove to be pointless).

Firstly… get an account (if you don’t have one already)… preferably Facebook as it hosts more than 500 million active users… then get a profile picture that’s bound to attract attention… in a good way of course.

With sites like Facebook… the world really is your oyster… so find your friends first… because you don’t want to invite your crush while your profile shows ‘one friend’. Trust me, this has happened to me (receiving the invite of course)… and it’s weird… like… don’t you have ANY friends? Seriously?

When you have a sufficient amount of friends (You will know as this varies – the average user has 130 friends)… you get to move ahead and progress ‘out-there’.

So firstly… invite him (the one you’ve been eyeing) as a Facebook friend. Don’t shy away… this is the space to make things happen… and if heaven forbid, they reject… NOBODY has to know… social networks spare you the public humiliation of being rejected in person.

Then… suck your pride… talk to him… maybe something casual like Facebook’s pop-up chat… comment on his status… he WILL notice… and then he can take it from there… if you’re more daring… you could go ahead and send a friendly message to his inbox… after all… he did accept you as a friend so he probably won’t mind chatting.

If you’re just keen to meet new people, then there’s good news for you too! Fan pages and Facebook groups based around common interests, entertainment and arts, music, organizations, and sports and recreations is really helpful in meeting like-minded people.

After you have mastered meeting people and interacting with people online, who knows? You might have the courage to email or even call someone and ask them out on a date!


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