WHY are you emailing me?

So I got quite a few annoying emails the other day from this guy who thought I needed to know about the shoes, laptops, clothes etc. that he was selling. To be quite honest, I still don’t know the name of his business and I have not looked at any of the products he sells.

Usually I would just unsubscribe or ignore the emails… well this time was different. Firstly, I just started as a marketing intern at an email marketing intern so I have learned a few things through researching to write articles on email marketing. Secondly, this guy was just plain annoying. Like three emails every day. At the most random hours, yes, that includes 3am!

So anyway, I was highly irritated, but I thought I would help this poor man out as he just didn’t know what the hell he was doing. We were messaging each other like crazy, and sadly enough, he STILL thinks that his email marketing strategy is effective. And the ways that he measures them is just plain ridiculous!

I told him quite nicely, that all he will be gaining is a bad reputation if he continued to send emails to people who do not actually want them!

And then guess what? He continues to send me mails for the rest of the day, and the next day, after which I had to remind him to remove me from his mailing list. And he dares to get upset that I am not interested in the fantastic prices he supposedly offers? I don’t care what price you charge if you’re all up in my face without my permission. I still wonder how he acquired the addresses? Should I ask? Mmm… The only thing I can commend him on is his timeous responses from his blackberry.

So here's what you need to do to piss someone off:

Email convo:
Me: okay who are you?
u are going to get a negative brand image, and no click-throughs if u continue to send emails to ppl who have not opted in. i am not reading ur mails. i didnt sign up for this.
u are gonna have unsubscribes, irritation, and people are gonna mark ur mails as spam.
so its an ineffective marketing strategy
u're just wasting time and resources
let people opt in
im helping u here

Him: No problem much appreciated

Me: pleasure. im in marketing, please take heed of my advice :)

Him: By the way I am in the retail business marketing footwear sunglasses blankets lcd and led tvs blackberry laptops etc (and then he still thinks he can try to get a sale out of me now???)

Him: I have a good success rate and less than 5 customers have requested that I remove them

Me: yeah but get people who are interested to sign up on ur webpage. then they will welcome ur emails. its professional ettiquette to get consent. u cant just send to anyone. like i am not interested so i dont want the mail. so i am gonna have a negative perception of ur business. and bad news travels fast. u dont wanna be the irritating spam cuming thru peoples mailboxes. u wanna be the newsletter that INTERESTED people wanna look at. i signed up for HQ shoes, so when they send, i open mails.

Me: yeah less than 5 requested removal. but do u know how many people open ur mails? how many reads them? u can perhaps track who opens, but u cant see who reads em... then how many mark them as spam? how many addresses are inactive? did u buy the mailing list? u can get penalties for that.

Him: I understand and I will remove ur name and just as a matter of interest my footwear is much cheaper than HQ as they are quite expensive. Enjoy
Ofcourse I have a read option and trust me I am busy all the time.

Me: lol it doesnt matter how cheap u are. its whether ppl want to hear from u or not. if i had a choice and i saw ur website and it was cheap and i liked what u offer, i wud SUBSCRIBE to ur emails. but u just thought i shud get what u have to offer without my permission. now, no matter how cheap u are i am not interested. and the same will go for many clients. people network. u dont want people talking about the annoying emails they get about sum shoe business. they wont know how cheap u are if they dont open ur mails. they wont open ur mails if they're not interested. they wont be interested if they didnt sign up. i only found out now from u that u cheap.

but getting back to me constantly, thats good professional etiquette ;) thanks

Him: That's how I measure my success rate by acting on requests.


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