Is your social network making you insincere?

I find it hard to reject friend requests on social networking sites from people that I ‘sought of’ know because it feels so rude, but knowing that so many people have a window into my life is rather distressing.

Furthermore, I am very sentimental so I don't miss writing on someone's Facebook wall for their birthday, but it does make me feel less sincere as I wonder... would I have written them a card if there was no Facebook?

And so many people post on your wall so diligently, and while its sweet and all (and trust me, I DO appreciate it)... would they have made the effort if there wasn't social networks that make it so easy?

Back in the day, when there were no social networks and cell phones and home phones, a guy would have to ask for your address if he was interested in courting you... which took courage so you could assume that he was pretty keen.

But now, with mxit, whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, SMS's and phone calls, just about anyone pursues anyone... gets you wondering about their sincerity and level of interest doesn't it?

The same goes for business; even personalization is something I don’t quite easily fall for because I know that I am being ‘marketed to’ and that personalization is merely an approach.

So the internet has really gotten me to wonder about brand sincerity, friend sincerity, and even my own sincerity. If Marketer's can effectively get consumers to feel that their brand is sincere, and that their brand cares - it could well lead to a long-lasting relationship.


  1. Oh yes...i totally agree about the guy thing...actually your whole viewpoint, perhaps that makes me a cynicist but i like to look at myself as a realist.

    P.S We can see we both study MEDIA! i LOVE

  2. Thanks sweetheart :)

    You're not a cynicist... I think it's realistic to see things as they are instead of living in a fairytale :)


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