Facebook's 'email': Dare I say revolutionary?

I’m quite eager for Project Titan to go into full swing! The fact that messages can all be sent through your Facebook whether that is an IM, an email, or a Facebook message is quite exciting.

Many have argued that it is not that revolutionary, but with an increasingly digitized world that’s increasingly fragmented too, this, to me, promises to be quite popular as all messages will be integrated and I get to send a message to anyone, from the same medium, to WHATEVER medium they prefer!

I LOVE the internet, I really do, but it’s such an effort to log into various mediums on a daily basis to communicate, and this innovation from Zuckerberg has really gotten me excited. The social inbox is exciting, because my email doesn’t separate the ‘spam business email’ from my friends personal emails, okay, it does now since I have Gmail’s priority inbox. And while Gmail is really good with blocking spam, random people like my friends cousins, still manage to email me there newsletters WHICH I DON’T WANT! And the nice thing about Facebook’s ‘dare I call it email?’ is that, coupled with Facebook’s privacy setting, which I employ religiously, I get to block whomever I want from contacting me.

While this topic has created quite a buzz in the email marketing and social media sphere, and while it has been argued to be ‘not quite revolutionary’, I am going to stand on Facebook’s side on this one. I think it’s going to create a bigger wave than many people are anticipating.

Though I will admit that it won’t take over email anytime soon. Email has clearly stood the test of time and I don’t think that Zuckerberg will be able to destroy email, at least not anytime soon.


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