A ‘typical’ day at Personera

Typical? No. There’s no morning rush and wasted time in stressful CBD traffic followed by a clear organizational and gender hierarchy that lasts from 8am to 5pm.

At Personera (I’m the intern) the staff is tight-knit, with everyone on an equal ground. I don’t run around getting coffee or completing random errands.

No. This is a place to learn through taking initiative through the completion of various tasks. The working conditions are flexible which allows one the luxury of working in the CBD and missing traffic at the same time 

I know how challenging it is to get an internship. It’s like everyone expects experience on a student’s resume, yet nobody is willing to give inexperienced students/graduates a chance to gain that experience. Well at Personera things are a bit different.

My experience at Personera exceeded my expectations by far. My dad told me, ‘you gotta start at the bottom’. Yet at Personera I was given the opportunity to show initiative in an environment where everyone saw me as an equal peer. This opportunity has allowed me to finally understand the working environment rather than what I assumed as a student all along.

The work environment is built around friendship, food, coffee, hard work, dedication and passion.

Personera offers a creative and dynamic work environment where interesting ideas, in-depth research and a passion for market-success is what drives these tech-savvy entrepreneurs... coupled with a few coffees of course.

The company celebrates a diverse, multicultural staff and fully supports equality between the sexes. Yes, the women are not the one’s constantly running around making tea and coffee.

This has certainly benefited me in numerous ways. I have gained immeasurable experience which will benefit me in finding future employment. This gained experience is particularly useful as a reference for my future career considering that this is a fast-growing, award-winning company.


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