Ten reasons why you should try Interning

1. You need good experience in the industry for your CV
2. To figure out if this can be a possible career for you in future
3. To see what parts of the broader industry you prefer. For example: In marketing, do you prefer branding, advertising, recruiting, writing or conducting competitor research?
4. For a reference for future employers (employers want graduates that have more to offer than just a transcript)
5. To get a ‘feel’ for the work environment and to gain some independence
6. It’s an opportunity to acquire immeasurable skills like the ability to adapt to changing roles and job identities
7. Academic qualifications alone does not make you very employable
8. You can make friends, and you may even gain contacts for future employment
9. An internship is the place to make mistakes and to learn from them
10. It is intellectually satisfying to finally put to work what you have studied for so long!


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