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The honeymoon phase will end.

It’s been two months since I married the person I consider to be my dream partner. While I acknowledge that I am currently still in the honeymoon phase, and realistically, perhaps it will fade with time, the romantic in me would like to think that we’ll always have pockets of happiness in-between the monotony that is life. I guess it also helps that I’m not just a romantic; I am also an eternal optimist and I like to emit positivity and good vibes to everyone. I’m not a naive twenty-something that seems to think marriage, life or relationships are a bed of roses. But throwing people down amid their blissful moments is downright unnecessary. Surprisingly, I haven’t been asked all too often, ‘When are you having kids?’. Instead I’ve been faced with people that are married or have been married for a long time giving me negative feedback about marriage. While I do acknowledge the years of wisdom behind your sentiments, my marriage, my life, my husband, is not the same as yours and

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